link_pt_01_thumb (1)With A Link Between Worlds releasing less than two weeks from now, anticipation for the first original Zelda game for the 3DS couldn’t be higher. Until the glorious day of its release, however, fans hankering for further details will soon have a torrent of media opinions to sift through online. While we’ve all been squirming in our pants waiting for a chance to play A Link Between Worlds, gaming commentators, like Siliconera writer Robert Ward, have been hard at work scrutinizing it for pros and cons.

What does Robert think about A Link Between Worlds? Unless you want to go through the trialing experience of performing a quick Google search, you’ll have to hit the jump to find out.

After playing the first five or six hours of A Link Between Worlds, Robert seems to have a healthy enthusiasm for Link’s most recent adventure. He describes how  the game begins on a familiar note, introducing basic time-tested concepts, before throwing him curve balls in the form of the new item-rental system and Link’s ability to transform into a painting. Both of these gameplay twists, along with the colorful cast of memorable characters who call Hyrule and Lorule home, give new life to A Link to the Past’s familiar world, according to Ward.

The 3D effect not only creates depth to the world, but seems to provide structure in the game’s first three dungeons. I’ve had to pay close attention to how my actions on higher floors affect lower ones. Some chests can only be reached by falling between floors. Link’s new signature ability, which allows him to stick to walls and move along them as a painting, is used in predictable ways, but has produced some pleasant surprises. I can’t wait to see what how it develops in future dungeons.

If you want to read everything Robert Ward has to say about A Link Between Worlds, follow the link posted here. To me, the game sounds like a real winner the way Robert describes it: a compelling balance of tradition and new ideas. But what do you think? Feel free to discuss your opinion of Robert’s opinions in the comments below.

Source: Siliconera

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