Apart from offering a creative take on the VR headset and VR experiences for top Switch titles, Nintendo Labo provides users with a programming tool to create their own VR games. Zelda fan Green_Squid took this opportunity to recreate the three introductory shrines from Breath of the Wild in virtual reality. This was no small feat given the limited creative freedom offered in the Labo programming tool, so check them out in the videos below!

The first shrine shows Green_Squid using the Stasis Rune, the second recreates the Magnesis Rune (and a Guardian Scout), and the third is comprised of a set of mini-puzzles. It isn’t yet possible for Labo creators to share their work with other users, so this peek at the shrines is the best we can get for now. 


What do you think of these recreated shrines? If Nintendo made Labo creations shareable, would you be interested in playing through these? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Kotaku

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