It wouldn’t be just a handful of days short of a massive Zelda U unveiling if we didn’t get one pretty significant batch of final rumors as we head into the event. These rumors were originally talked about by GameXplain, but have had couple sources come out of the woodwork to confirm they heard similar things. Those people are

Emily Rodgers and Neal (who runs Nintendo World Report). Thus these rumors have three different semi-reliable people backing them. Thus let’s dive into the meat of it. Here is the original conversation about them:

The rumors themselves start at 18:56. To break it down, the “second hand sources” used in the video claim that there are only 4 major dungeons in the game, but that the world is filled with more than 100 mini dungeons. That would certainly be a highly unique approach to such a massive world. In addition, the general theme of the game is technology versus fantasy along with there being some interesting weather patterns – somewhat notable since weather hasn’t really ever had a huge role in Zelda games beyond some tonal substance.

Of course as with any rumor, you can choose to believe, choose to dismiss it, or just play the wait and see game. We only have 4 short days left before we can confirm these sorts of rumors, combine with past rumors that deal with other topics in the game. I can’t wait.

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