Rocking “Horse Race Theme” cover

Mklachu and Jparecki95This time around, YouTubers Mklachu and Jparecki95  aren’t just horsing around, together the both of them have collaborated to create a truly epic Horse Race cover from Ocarina of Time. Featuring a violin and electric guitar along with some horse masks, this jamming duo even switches off into some amazing solos. And to top it off, they even made their cover into a free mp3 download, perhaps you might be more pumped  the next time you try to win Epona back from Ingo.

Jump in to check it out!




At some point in time, we have each experienced some catchy or awe inspiring tune from our favorite Zelda titles only to find ourselves humming them in our daily routines, whether it be in your own Kokiri home, sailing in the great sea, on the race track, or even in shopping at your local Beedle shop. The list goes on. The “Horse Race Theme” was always my favorite theme to hear when playing Ocarina of Time, and to hear a legit cover remake, makes it even better. Will you be downloading this Horse Race cover for your music library? Want to hear another remake of your favorite Zelda songs? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: YouTube

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