Some songs are great at invoking an immediate reaction. They take our hearts and minds to places in our past, remind us of how our lives were or what we were doing, or connect us with friends and family. The music from Ocarina of Time is especially good at doing this for many Zelda fans, and without a doubt, “Gerudo Valley” is at the peak of that.

YouTuber The Harvest Colour set up at an old wooden bridge in New Mexico and created this incredible acoustic cover of the titular desert theme. The location is a really perfect complement to this amazing rendition. Using one track as the driving drumbeat, the guitarist blends the other tracks together in a way that is almost reminiscent of a mariachi band. When he begins to drive the melody about halfway through the video, the song takes on a more epic feel than usual. The cover is smooth, crisp, and even features an amazing solo section that honestly might be my favorite part. I really love it when a musician adds their own artistic flair to a familiar piece, and this is a great moment of just that.

What did you think of this “Gerudo Valley” cover? What memories came galloping back into your head when you heard it? Let us know in the comments below or discuss it over in our Discord!

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