One of Ocarina of Time‘s most beautiful songs is the first one you hear when you turn on the game. Despite not appearing much in game, the Title Theme from Ocarina of Time has gained a reputation as an iconic song, one that instantly brings back memories of the 1998 classic (or any of its subsequent re-releases).

This medley, with Kain White on guitar and guitalele and Medllix on flute, captures the peaceful and calming atmosphere that the piece is known for. In this arrangement, the guitar serves as the foundation of the song, setting the tone and pace, with the flute providing the melody/lead part. With a game based around a wind instrument, is it any wonder that the flute would take the lead part. On the eve of Ocarina of Time‘s 20th anniversary, this is just another reminder of why the game and its soundtrack remains in the hearts and minds of fans across the world.

If you need to take a break from a busy day, let this song take you on a journey to the rolling hills and the quiet of dusk.

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