I finally bought a Nintendo Switch last week, and one thing I noticed right away is that Switch cartridges are tiny. A cartridge case is a must if one wants to avoid repeatedly returning the games to their cases or misplacing uncased ones. Luckily, Etsy shop owner kDaesign crafted the perfect Zelda-inspired game case: a functional 3D-printed Master Sword and sheath with six cartridge slots. Before ordering or printing one, see it in action in this Kickass 3D Prints video.

For those with 3D printers, the files for this cartridge case can be downloaded on Thingiverse (the printer used in the video was a Wombot Drafter). If you don’t have the time or means to paint the print, it still looks pretty impressive without.

Those who don’t have a 3D printer, but like what they see, can order this case from kDaesign’s shop for $35 USD + shipping. The item is made to order, hand painted, and totals 18.75 inches in length when sheathed. The sword’s handle is wrapped with faux suede, and it can be easily sheathed and unsheathed. If this sword isn’t right for you, check out some of kDaesign’s other Zelda-inspired products, including Rupee Christmas lights and a Sheikah Slate Switch case.

For more creative 3D printing ideas, watch some of Kickass 3D Prints’ other Nintendo related videos, like one featuring a Mario question block Switch cartridge case or another featuring of a Togepi egg cup.

Do you think you’ll try to get your hands on one of these cases? Do you feel having a cartridge case is more convenient than putting the games back in their individual cases? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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