Pop Fiction: Swordless Link

GameTrailers’ web series Pop Fiction has recently aired its 24th episode, which tries to demystify the myth of Link being swordless in Ocarina of Time. The folks over at GT tested out three ways to take away Link’s sword in the many different versions of the game. Many of these methods can be used on all versions of the original N64 copy of the game, but GameTrailers brings to our attention that different methods often won’t necessarily be applicable to all versions of Ocarina of Time. Make the jump to watch the video!

It seems that it is entirely possible to make Link swordless in many versions of Ocarina of Time. It does seem that the 3DS and Virtual Console versions aren’t susceptible to the many tricks to make the B button blank, but the video is both informative and interesting to watch. Check it out:

That was cool, wasn’t it? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: GameTrailers

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