The Wind Waker is indisputably one of the biggest games in the Legend of Zelda franchise. With its massive popularity, huge overworld, gameplay that enforces exploration, and a recent remake on Nintendo’s latest home console, it really is big in almost every sense of the word. Whether you’re a fan of Link‘s first cel-shaded adventure or not, you might be interested in some of the secrets and easter eggs you may have missed. GameTrailer’s latest Pop Facts video delves into just that.

In this new multi-part series of videos, the guys over at GT look into the different “secrets” The Wind Waker has that may have gone over people’s heads. In this particular video they focus on some of the easter eggs that can be found inside of the Nintendo Gallery. Some of these include masks from Majora’s Mask, references to the game’s famous Lon Lon Milk and even an 8-bit image of an Octorok. GT promises that there will be more videos to come detailing even more interesting things that can be found within the game.

What do you think about what was covered in the video? Did you already know all of them or did you learn something new? Are you looking forward to the next videos to see if there’s anything you may have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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