Just in time for Halloween, ThinkGeek has unveiled a new “Legend of Zelda Classic Sword” creation. This officially licensed Nintendo merchandise is based off of the sword Link uses in the original Legend of Zelda and even makes the classic sword-swipe sounds when swung. It’s available now for $19.99 and is the perfect addition to any old-school Link cosplay. See and hear it in action in ThinkGeek’s product trailer!

ThinkGeek’s main product description is as follows:


When you think about it, the number of guards in Hyrule that are blocking gates just to make sure that a child has a sword before he goes outside is just astounding. What kind of training do these guards get, anyway?

Wield this Legend of Zelda Classic Sword (8-Bit) and feel like a kid again. Hold it high above your head (you don’t have to do the weird thing with your eyeballs, we promise). Make stabby motions at imaginary Ganons or slash through the grass just to practice, and you’ll be rewarded with classic game sound effects. What more could you want? Now buy somethin’ will ya?

I very much appreciate ThinkGeek’s product descriptions, they never disappoint. If this sword doesn’t exactly tickle your fancy, ThinkGeek has tons of other Zelda creations you can check out here.

What do you all think of this sound-enabled 8-bit Legend of Zelda sword? Think you’ll order one? Let us know in the comments!

Source: ThinkGeek

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