Hello, friends and readers, and welcome back to another round of “On the Quest for 100!”

I have taken a break from my Ultimate Stunt Intro Class, and have begun to work on knocking out a few side quests that I missed or skipped in my first go-around of the game. Every time I think I have them all covered, I come across some Rando with that red exclamation point over his or her head. Seriously, Link’s one dude, and he’s already taking care of the biggest problem known to Hyrule. He doesn’t really have time to help you find a bunch of weapons that…

No, stop making that face.

I said stop.

Ugh. Fine. You’re lucky you’re cute, kid. I’ll be back with your stupid Moblin Club.

Now, this game really has no shortage of side quests, which, as fans of the Zelda series, should not be a surprise to any of us. Zelda games are always chock full of random things off the beaten path of the main objective that drive Link to explore and earn rewards. In Breath of the Wild, the total number of side quests, not including DLC quests, is 76. Woof. For the record, I am sitting at solid 68 complete, so I have a little bit to go, but I wanted to pause my game play to discuss a couple. Really, discuss a recurring theme I have noticed with a couple, and interwoven throughout the entire game.

Come on, I quoted Paul McCartney. You can probably guess that theme.

It’s love. Love, love, love. “All you need is love.”

Now, I have absolutely no problem with this theme at all – trust me, I have been known to belt out cheesy ’80s power ballads without restraint – but it was not until recently that I noticed it’s literally everywhere. Think about it: of course, you have the whole aspect that Zelda’s feelings for Link were what awoke her Sealing Power. She loves that little blond dope, which becomes the subject of one of Kass’s songs. I like to imagine that song to be his version of a power ballad.

Head to Gerudo town, and you can sit in on a class called “Voe and You,” all about how to find true love in the world, and, after listening to some of the ladies taking that class, they could use the help.



Talk to some of the Gerudo you meet in your travels, and they are out looking for Mr. Right Voe. One even finds her way to a certain legendary heart-shaped pond, where a side quest named “A Gift of Nightshade” resides.

And when I ran into her, that’s where I started noticing the side quest theme.

The building of Tarrey Town? Ends in a wedding.

Manny in Hateno? Head over heels for Prima, the girl at the inn.

“Special Delivery” involves two pen pals that are in love.

There is one that is just flat out called “The Spark of Romance,” and involves giving a man some flint so he can make his new wife baked apples on their honeymoon.

Again, I don’t find this to be a bad theme. I’m all for it. I guess I more want to know, is there someone at Nintendo that just…needs a hug? Because, I mean, there’s an entire fan base that might be willing to oblige, especially after the fan service given to the Zelink shippers in Breath of the Wild.


The Seed Collector

This particular seed landed at number 524. It’s located just off the path North of Clarnet Coast, West of Lurelin Village. And it’s shaped like a heart.

Seriously, Nintendo. Fluffy everywhere.

Progress Update

Hours: 395+ (from 385)

Korok Seeds: 535/900 (from 505)

Percentage: 69.35/100% (from 66.82)


Kat Vadam is an Associate Editor for Zelda Dungeon. She unabashedly ships Zelink while sobbing into her pint of ice cream and listening to sappy love songs. Fight  Follow her on Twitter.

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