Ocarina Time #1: Song of Time

Do you enjoy listening to Zelda songs? Do you enjoy listening to ocarinas? Have you ever thought about buying your own ocarina and learning how to play your favorite Zelda tunes? Then this is the series for you! Zelda Dungeon presents a new video series called “Ocarina Time” by Alexander (myself), where I put out detailed instructional videos on how to play your Zelda favorites on the 12 hole ocarina. Jump in to watch the first video, as well as for information on how to purchase your own ocarina.

(Edit: I messed up with one of the notes for the advanced version. At 3:07, you put your middle finger down on the smaller hole above the larger one instead to create the sharper tone required for the song. You can hear that it is off if you listen closely. Sorry! I must have been temporarily tone deaf or something.)

I got my ocarina from STL Ocarina. It is a great site with numerous other types of ocarinas, many themed around those found in Zelda. Some are pricey, but the ocarina I bought is fairly cheap compared to the others, and is still good quality. If you want to learn the songs from this series, you will have to have/get a 12 hole ocarina to play them properly.

Leave a comment saying which Zelda songs you would like to learn for next week! No Zelda song is out of my reach to teach. I might possibly do two easier ones, if two easy ones happen to gain popularity. Let me know!

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