Ocarina of Time Hack Update

Back in October, I let you all know about an incredible little hack for Ocarina of Time that adds a completely new experience to the game. This hack gives you the ability to play as four separate Links in OoT. It has recently been brought to our attention by jman990 that Spinout182 is the person who originally created the hack and himself who fixed a few of the bugs and perfected it.

Jman990 has made a tutorial video showing how to use this hack for yourself and Spinout182 has several other videos showing off some hacks he has created. You can check a few of them out for yourself as well as the tutorial video, after the jump.

Ocarina of Time: Four Swords Tutorial

Multiplayer Example Video

Ocarina of Time: Portal Hack

Play as anything you can Z Target

As you can see above spinout182 and jman990 have both done some great hacks with the game. Using their hacks you can do anything from playing OoT with three of your great friends to creating your very own portals to jump through. You can check out some other great hacks from spinout182 that allow you to play as MM’s Link, Fierce Deity, and many other characters without ever having to leave Hyrule. Just follow the links to their youtube channel and check out all the great hacks for yourself. So what are your thoughts on these hacks? Could you ever see yourself using them? Have you made a few of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

Original Post: ZeldaDungeon

Source: Spinout182 jman990 spinout182.com

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