I found this over at GoNintendo and it was originally posted at Le Mag Jeux Video. I’m not quite sure where these particular goodies came from, whether they are part of a French pre-order bundle, or if it is just a goody sold separately at a certain store. Nevertheless, the two goodies include an Ocarina and a Wooden Pen with an Ocarina of Time 3D logo.

The Ocarina does look pretty nice but there are dozens of such Ocarina’s on the market. Really, this one just looks like a nice collectible due to the Ocarina of Time 3D logo found with the packaging. The wooden pen, while something that isn’t worth jumping up and down for, is a nice addition to any Zelda collection. I’m not sure how to go about getting my hands on these goodies, but as a collector, I really want them! Stay tuned for more information as I’ll be updating this post if I find out anymore details.

You can find some pictures of these goodies over at Le Mag Jeux Video

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