With Ocarina of Time 3D now available all over the world, many fans are experiencing or re-experiencing the epic adventure. One of the new goodies that is in the Nintendo 3DS remake is the inclusion of the Boss Challenge mode where Link can fight some of the bosses even after defeating them the first time around. During the challenge mode, it marks how many times you’ve beaten the boss, along with the fastest completion time. In the video above you’ll find well known Zelda Speed-Runner TSA beat Queen Gohma in under 7 seconds! 6:66 seconds to be exact. The fastest time shown on the boss screen was 6:40, but in the video description, he writes that his current best time is 6:13.

I’ve played through the Boss Challenge myself, as well as the Boss Gauntlet, but I haven’t yet tried to put up my best times. However, I think the 6:13 will be a tough score to beat and even if it is beaten, it will likely be by fractions of a second. I imagine there has to be some sort of theoretical minimum amount of time one could possibly beat Queen Gohma in.

What are your best completion times of the various bosses? Can you beat Queen Gohma in under 10 seconds? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: GoNintendo
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