For those of you hoping for a map on the GamePad, it seems you’re out of luck. According to Kotaku, Aonuma said that the GamePad can be used as a controller or a screen for the game, but not much else. To be specific, Aonuma said:

“Previously, when I was playing with Mr. Miyamoto, you might have seen that the map was on the GamePad screen,” Aonuma said, referring to a demo he did of the game two Decembers ago. “But after developing the game and playing the game we realized that having a smaller version of the map on screen is actually better so you know where you are at all times. So we decided to take it that route. Obviously if we find that there’s a great feature we could add to the GamePad, there is a possibility that we could do that.” — Eiji Aonuma

Alternatively, for those of you that want a more traditional controller, the game will support the Pro Controller.

Source: Kotaku

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