NintendoBuzz is a great site to get new info on the latest Nintendo news and they also has a very active YouTube page. They have a segment where they ask questions and give you a poll to vote in. Last week they asked everyone what their favorite Zelda game is. More than 2,500 people sent in their votes on what game they loved the most. After adding up all the votes they made a top 5 list and placed it in one of their videos.

To make this even more interesting the game picked for first only won by two votes! He says he not only double, but triple checked, looked for spam and to make sure that the votes were accurate. To see what games ranked in the top five and which came out on top be sure to watch the video after the jump!

As always I suspected Ocarina of Time to come out on top, but in an amazing turn out Majora’s Mask pulled through by 2 votes! How amazing is that? My favorite game turned out to be favorited by more than I thought. Hopefully fan polls like this can help out with Operation Moonfall and more fans showing love for MM more than OoT may be that push Nintendo needs to start development of MM 3D. I guess OoT’s title of the best Zelda game is starting to fade away and with the upcoming release of Skyward Sword, it could have more competition than it can handle!

What is your favorite Zelda game? Are you among the crowd that worships OoT and MM or are you a black sheep that still loves Zelda 2, WoG or TP? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and let us know what you think! Remember to always check back for the constant Zelda updates coming in! Also don’t forget to check out our new Zelda Wiki and our Skyward Sword Walkthrough that Mases and everyone has been working hard on to provide you with the newest and most accurate Zelda news!

Source: YouTube

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