IMG_2662.JPG Today the official Japanese Legend of Zelda Twitter account graced us with more screenshots from Tri Force Heroes. These photos show Link sporting a new costume that will assist him with water related obstacles and attacks. The tweets also mention a new weapon, a Water Rod that allows Link to summon pillars of water, and the photos suggest this can be used to defeat Octoroks that attack from the water’s surface. With the game’s release less than a month away, the anticipation is really beginning to build. Get your dose of hype by checking out the pictures and official tweets after the jump!

I for one am very excited for this game, even though I’m fairly sure I’ll be playing it solo. Are you looking forward to Tri Force Heroes‘ release? Do you think this new weapon will be a worthwhile gameplay function? Is there anything you really hope the game includes that you haven’t seen or heard will be a part of it? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Everything

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