New Ocarina of Time 3DS Footage

This first video gives you a brief introduction of the gameplay and touch screen mechanics. Within the video there is audio commentary about some of the new menu features as well as some analysis of the 3d effect. There was a second video that was created by this same person and you can see that after the jump.

Few things that have popped up in my head after watching these. For one, the way that Link runs seems to be a bit different than in the N64 version. Not the actual gameplay mechanic, but just his visual movement. Also, the player utilized the Stylus to control the bottom screen, but he also used both hands to control the buttons on the right and the joystick like item on the left. It seems awkward to use both hands to use all the buttons, in addition to using the stylus. In Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks the buttons were rarely used so this wasn’t an issue at all, but I haven’t heard any hands on complaints about the button/stylus combination. Perhaps it just comes natural.

There is still no release date on Ocarina of Time 3DS. Be sure to stay tuned here at Zelda Dungeon for the latest.

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