How many of us have suffered a head-shaking loss to Ganondorf’s obscenely powerful sword in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? How about that wicked Warlock Punch? Well thanks to some incredible work by the modding community, you can take wielder of the Triforce of Power back in time to the year 1999.

Modder JSsixtyfour has made it possible to play as Ganondorf in the ROM version of the original Super Smash Bros. that was originally on the Nintendo 64. Ganondorf originally made his debut in Melee, however his moveset has always been somewhat similar to Captain Falcon’s. Because the F-Zero star was one of the unlockable characters, that moveset already exists in the original game for the N64 and its ROM version. Despite the moveset being similar already, the mod takes extra strides to make Ganondorf more like Ganondorf with extra weight, dark electricity effects tied to his neutral A, and more power behind each hit.

I personally think this is really cool. I’ve tinkered with Ganondorf in each of the Smash Bros. games, but he was never really my style. I do however love getting that Link v. Ganondorf matchup, and to think I could play it in the version that introduced me to the series fills me with all sorts of nostalgia.

What do you think of this mod? Would you want to try taking on a level 9 Ganondorf back in the N64 days? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or discuss it in our discord!

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