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Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 7.37.15 AMIn the latest issue of Famitsu magazine out this week in Japan, there was quite a bit of Zelda news. We have already shared with you the fantastic scans of Tri Force Heroes and Hyrule Warriors Legends from the magazine, along with a few bits of information. Now, we have a little more to add about some of the characters and items found in Tri Force Heroes. We already know a little bit about the story behind the game and some of the characters we will encounter in our journey, but lets take a moment to recap. We have a very fashion forward kingdom full of people that love fashion and their princess. An evil witch curses this beloved princess who is forced to wear a unitard that covers her completely and cannot be removed. The King of the land, so distraught with this terrible situation calls upon the “Legendary Hero” to defeat the evil witch and break the curse. We will encounter many characters and weapons along the way to save the cursed princess, some we have already seen in the Japanese trailer and screenshots that have been released, but head past the break to see the full breakdown of characters and weapons and a few of the items from the game.

This information comes from the latest issue of Famitsu magazine.

Here are some of the characters we will encounter in the game:

King Carrking
– The King of our fashion savvy land
– Searching for those that resemble our hero and can help save the Princess
– Owner and top designer of “Madame Tailor”
– Capable of making clothes with special powers
Princess Frill
– Stylish and beloved teenage Princess
– Cursed to wear a unitard she has been confined to her room until the curse can be broken
Sir All-Back
– Hot blooded leader of the “Anti Witch Suppression Group”
– Dons a very interesting hairstyle that seems to explode during intense training
Mysterious Witch
– The witch who cursed Princess Frill
– Seems to know “Madame Tailor’s” Madame…

Within the game there are eight areas, all of which have four levels. This adds up to a total of 32 levels in total. Each level will provide you with one outfit, and then you will receive an additional four from some of the bosses you encounter in the game.

As far as the weapons our heroes will have at their disposal, here are a few more details:

Big Bomber Outfit
– Uses bombs which produce much larger explosions
– Must be careful of others not getting caught in the blast range
Goron Outfit
– Allows you to resist fire
– Enables you to climb pillars of flame and the like without worry
Kokiri Outfit
– Harbors the spirit of the forest dwelling Kokiri
– Allows you to fire 3 arrows at once instead of 1
Great Spin Armor
– Contains the spirit of the warrior who mastered the Great Spin
– Hold down the B button to unleash a spin attack larger than normal
Balloon Tights
– An outfit that resembles Tingle’s very own in other Zelda games
– Allows you to descend in steeper areas, possibly has additional benefits
Warrior Outfit
– Doubles sword power
– Unleashes sword beam to hit enemies that are farther away
Hyrule Dress
– A dress similar to Princess Zelda’s
– Increases chances of hearts appearing
Aristocrat Outfit
– Increases rupee drops of defeated enemies
– Very useful for saving rupees
Water User’s Robe
– New to this game
– Increases the Water Rod’s effects and range by 2

There are a total of nine types of items, each hero will carry one item, allowing a total of three items carried at all times.

The following are just a few of the items you will come across:

Arm Shot
– Extends an arm that allows the hero to grapple far away places that cannot be jumped over
– Allows you to retrieve items like hearts and rupees from afar
– Causes enemy damage as well very much like in other Zelda games
Water Rod
– Creates pillars of water similar to the Sand Rod
– Effects increase with Water User Robe
Gust Jar
– An item that blows a gust of air to cause damage
– Able to be used to aide allies

As we have yet to see an official translation of information from the game some of the names of character and outfits could be different in the localized version of the title.

The release of Tri Force Heroes is a little over a month away, so stay tuned for more information! Are you excited? I know I am!

Source: Nintendo Everything

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