While the Nintendo Direct had much more Majora’s Mask 3D information at the end of the presentation, its trailer for the New 3DS XL showed a few new snippits of gameplay. We saw some of Ikana Graveyard with the system’s new face tracking 3D feature and we saw some pretty footage of Link fighting a red ChuChu and Keese. But most exciting was a small glimpse at the revamped Gyorg boss fight from the Great Bay Temple.

It appears that rather than laying stationary below the water when stunned as he did before, Gyorg now releases a large, bulbous eye for Link to attack. Nintendo has hinted that a boss fight from the game had been retooled for the remake, so this could be the boss fight they were speaking about. However, a new trailer for Majora’s Mask 3D showed Odolwa from Woodfall Temple displaying a large eye on the back of his head, so this boss fight could see some changes as well.

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