image Even though Navi is a faithful companion to the Hero of Time, she is considered by most to be an unhelpful nag. But we shouldn’t pick on Navi too much, she was just trying her best to be a useful guide; it’s tough to memorize the battle tactics of every enemy and keep an unruly kid from straying from his task to go fishing. Well, IntelliResponse Systems Inc. released a comical “Rehabbing with the Stars” video featuring Navi and some of the least helpful virtual response icons from the 20th century, so we could finally hear their side of the story.

IntelliResponse Systems Inc. is a provider of virtual agent technology solutions. Its goal is to create profitable online conversations for private and public sector customers worldwide. This is the only episode of “Rehabbing with the Stars,” but IntelliResponse has more YouTube videos on its account that pertain to its business.

I thought Navi was just as cute and unhelpful as ever in this video! What did you think? Do you feel sorry for being so hard on Navi, or had you always appreciated her efforts? Would you want to see more “Rehabbing with the Stars” videos if they could involve other Zelda characters?

Source: YouTube