Hunters and fans of the Zelda franchise have further cause to rejoice, as Capcom confirmed that the Breath of the Wild DLC for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will be coming to western territories. Hunters will be able to dress their Hunter as Breath of the Wild Link, and their Palicos and Prowlers as a Korok. This is in addition to the other Zelda-related content from the previous game, such as dressing your Palicos and Prowlers as Toon Link, complete with the Wind Waker as their weapon. As is expected from past Monster Hunter titles, these will likely be free DLC and will require players to complete in game hunts to gather the necessary materials.

I’m thrilled to see Generations Ultimate getting more crossovers. For as long as I’ve been a hunter, seeing these events always left me with the question of “What could be next?” I am especially excited, however, as these sets should be usable through to endgame due to the Transmog system in Generations Ultimate, which effectively allows the player to display armor of their choosing over the actual armor, adding countless possible looks.

What do you think of the confirmation? Are you planning to use any of these sets with the Transmog system? Let us know down below!

Source: Nintendo

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