Shigeru MiyamotoIn a recent interview, the folks over at GoNintendo sat down and had a 10 minute interview with Shigeru Miyamoto. Skyward Sword was the hot topic of discussion and Miyamoto gave some of his views on various parts of the game. Shown below is a short tidbit of a roundup of the interview.

Mr. Miyamoto also believes that it’s this 1:1 interaction with Link that helps you feel closer to the character. For awhile now, Miyamoto has been saying that he wants the player in a Zelda game to actually feel as if they were going on the adventure themselves, rather than just controlling a character down a path. With MotionPlus controls, you are actually doing real-life movements that match up perfectly with Link. He’s acting like more of an avatar than a character, allowing the player an easier path to feeling closer to the experience.

Miyamoto also spoke about how impressed he was with the impressionism art style. He also mentions how they are trying to find a balance for certain items between motion plus control and the sensor, meaning that all items might not use motion plus. Be sure to head on over to GoNintendo for the full interview. Then head on over to our Skyward Sword Forum to talk about the game with 100’s of other Zelda fans.

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