Michael Pachter doesn’t make nearly as many headlines these days as years gone by, mostly because his involvement with Game Trailers has been terminated (from what I understand, this wasn’t his fault, Game Trailer simply moved to a new building that was too far away to make it work). However, this doesn’t mean he quit his day job of analyzing video game stock. He decided to pipe up publicly following The Game Awards to praise Nintendo and Reggie, noting that he felt like he doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to praise how good of a job Reggie Fils-Aime does at Nintendo, and obviously he doesn’t seem to have a lot of opportunities in recent years to praise Nintendo in general.

“Microsoft made a mistake skipping The Game Awards altogether,” said Pachter. “The awards show was an opportunity to steal a little thunder from PSX, and Nintendo and Reggie seized the opportunity. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to compliment Reggie, as I haven’t had many chances to say what a good job he has done in an otherwise dismal year. Nintendo really stood out with that Zelda announcement.”

This follows up our report late last night that showed Zelda was trending higher than the entire PlayStation Experience.

Source: VentureBeat

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