Many children and adults treasure the opportunity to have a space that belongs exclusively to them. Whether it is a bedroom, rec-room, or an office, we all need a special place that we can call our own. By decorating and customizing these places with our favorite posters and belongings, we create spaces that are both safe and comfortable.

This full bedroom mural by Hannah Baker is an amazing piece of art that would make any room feel special. The mural depicts a variety of locations and characters from Breath of the Wild and even includes glow-in-the-dark elements! You can see some of the best locations from the game, such as Hyrule Castle, the Dueling Peaks, and Death Mountain. Other familiar locations include a Stable, a Bokoblin camp, and the entrance to the Lost Woods. The mural is also incredibly detailed with animals and enemies littered across the scenery. There are also Koroks and wildlife dotted across the landscape, as well as Bokoblins and even a decaying Guardian! And, of course, you can see Link with the Master Sword on his back, surveying the land around him.

In her post about the bedroom mural, artist Hannah Baker explains that she made the mural for her younger sisters —

We are all fans of The Legend of Zelda, and the beautiful, open-world scenery of the Breath of the Wild was a perfect idea for their room!

I think the detail in the puffy clouds, flowing grass, and various creatures is astounding. I especially love that the bedroom door was painted to look like the cave exit from the Shrine of Resurrection. However, my personal favorite inclusion is the dragon Farosh flying near the ceiling; it’s a beautiful touch. This bedroom seems like a dream come true for any Zelda fan. It immerses the viewer fully in the land of Hyrule and is an amazing sight to behold!

What do you think of this amazing Breath of the Wild mural? Check out all of the pictures in the gallery below and chat about it in the comments!

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