Make a Glowing LED Triforce

Led triforce offDo you enjoy DIY projects and tutorial videos? Have you ever found yourself wanting to know how to make your very own LED Triforce? YouTuber Mist8k posts videos all about science, DIY, and interesting tricks and illusions. His latest video teaches viewers in detail how to make their own Triforce LED light with only a few easily obtainable tools and materials. Hit the jump and check it out!

Whether you plan on creating your own LED Triforce or not, Mist8k still creates a nice, simple, entertaining tutorial. Watch below:

Mist8k has multiple other DIY tutorials on his channel, some similar to his LED Triforce one, others showcasing various science tricks. So long as you already have a couple of the tools, creating your own LED Triforce seems like a cost effective, easy project or potential gift idea for the coming holidays!

What do you think of Mist8k’s tutorial? Is making an LED Triforce more of a plausible feat after watching his video? Comment and let us know!

Source: YouTube

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