Here is another reason to be sad about only the New 3DS XL coming to North America. The regular-sized New 3DS is getting a pretty badass Majora’s Mask faceplate. Go on, Zelda fans, cry to your heart’s content…

The image was revealed in a tweet from NintendoTweet along with Kirby and Pikachu faceplate designs. Nintendo confirmed that Majora’s Mask 3D and the New 3DS XL would hit North America on February 13. No announcement was made about the regular-sized New 3DS coming to America. That means no faceplates since they aren’t designed for the New 3DS XL.

The Majora’s Mask faceplate shows a seemingly-innocent Skull Kid on the top half in the forest with Tatl and Tael. The bottom half shows a shadow and eyes from a clearly-possessed Skull Kid. It’s pretty sweet to say the least.

Do you wish the regular-sized New 3DS was coming to North America with the New 3DS XL?

Source: NintendoTweet

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