With all the flurry of news coming out of the Nintendo Direct on January 14, it certainly would be understandable if smaller tidbits of information fell through the cracks. One of those potential tidbits could be the news of a 360-degree camera mode in Majora’s Mask 3D if the game is played on New 3DS hardware.

That’s right. Those who have the extra money to shell out for a New 3DS will have a bonus while playing the game. They can use the included c-stick to change the camera angle around them.

This can be advantageous when navigating tight spaces with the need to look around corners and see what is ahead (though true Majora’s Mask fans have a mental map of the entire game memorized and therefore know what is around every corner, right?).

The usage of the new camera angle ability, as well as, new footage of gameplay can be seen in the video above. To view an additional trailer for Majora’s Mask 3D, click here.

Source: YouTube

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