Majora Is Not Childish!

Yo guys! Sorry for not having a regular video discussion for Majora’s Mask Month until now. Here’s one, though, and it’s about Majora himself. Specifically, his relationship with the Skull Kid and why I do not believe Majora is supposed to be a child or child-like.

This is a theory I actually hear a lot, about Majora being a child, and I’ve never supported it. I’ve always felt (for reasons I will explain in detail in the video) that Majora was a calculating, intelligent, mature entity. If evil, of course. His psychology is difficult to discern, though, as he is a monster, not a human. His behavior is insane, so technically it could go either way. I just believe the few glimpses we’ve gotten at his attitude and behavior are enough to conclude that he is not a child.

So what do you think? Child or not? Did you even think about this before, or did your opinion change while watching this video? I’m willing to discuss it in the comments, so please tell me!

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