Listen To This Peppy Minish Cap Remix

The Minish Cap is a special Nintendo game. The only new Zelda game on the Game Boy Advance console, the game felt like having a grand SNES adventure in the palm of your hands. The Minish Cap was a rare example of a Nintendo sharing its series with other developers, as the game was developed by Capcom and Flagship.

This remix of the Hyrule Town and Picori Festival themes was posted on OverClocked Remix by Lemonectric. The remix, called “A Bag Full of Kinstones”, is extremely peppy and gives the listener the feeling of being in a bustling and comfortable town. The arrangement feels like it was pulled straight out of a Game Boy Advance or SNES with synthetic and chiptune sounds. It’s great to see Minish Cap get more acknowledgement and tributes from the Zelda community as it is an underrated gem that more people need to play.

What do you think of this Minish Cap remix? Let us know in the comments below!

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