Since its use as the Player/Menu Select theme in A Link To The Past, “Fairy Fountain” has become one of the most iconic and well-known Zelda songs. The song is so popular that it was even played live at The Game Awards by the band Imagine Dragons and Koji Kondo in 2014. Over time, the song has been covered countless times, with most of covers focusing on the serene sounds established by its original incarnation. This version by Michael Mac is enjoyable as it plays with our expectations and acknowledges fans’ previous experiences with the song.

This version of “Fairy Fountain” starts out with the traditional instrumentation many fans are used to, similar to what was heard on the 25th Anniversary CD, including harp and gentle strings. From there, the guitar kicks in, keeping the peaceful tone of the song intact. The guitar has a mesmerizing effect, with chords and runs being played over and over again. Near the middle of the song, the guitar and background music music explode, completing the change of pace of the song. This transition takes the song from peaceful and soothing to upbeat and energetic. It’s a fun arrangement that reminds me of many of the tunes found in Hyrule Warriors, which used electric guitar to establish its own distinct sound.

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