Super Smash Bros. Ultimate proves to have a lot of references to The Legend of Zelda. And more specifically, Ultimate has a lot of references to Breath of the Wild. Beyond Link’s re-design and brand new gear, one of the references we’ve so far seen to Breath of the Wild is the Great Plateau Tower stage. The stage is full of loving nods to the latest Zelda title — King Rhoam can be seen gliding in the background, for example — and it also has great background music.

For those who found Breath of the Wild’s music a little lacking, Ultimate‘s remix of the Main Theme brings a dramatic mood and epic tone to it. With added trumpets, drums, and a choir, the Main Theme now has a bit of a Twilight Princess feel to it.

Take a listen to the song in the video above, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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