Link's Awakening ScreenshotAccording to the folks over at EuroGamer, the Nintendo 3DS eStore will be available at launch. While it will not be pre-installed on the Nintendo 3DS, on day one it will be available for download. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was set to release for the 3DS Virtual Console. However, while there is no exact release date for the game, only two games were available on the show floor at last weeks Nintendo events, Super Mario Land and Link’s Awakening. Super Mario Land has already been confirmed to be the first game for the virtual console, but my personal hunch is that Link’s Awakening will also be a launch title, or at the very least it will be popping up in the days after. Be sure to stay tuned at Zelda Dungeon for the latest news.

We already have a complete Link’s Awakening Walkthrough, as well as a Link’s Awakening Video Walkthrough here at the site, but we will be working on sparkling up some of our other Link’s Awakening content in the next few weeks leading up to the release.

Source: EuroGamer
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