Link's Awakening Video Walkthrough
This Video Walkthrough contains everything in the game from start to end.

Chapter 1 - Tail Cave

Covers the beginning and Tail Cave.
Chapter 2 - Bottle Grotto

Goponga Swamp and Bottle Grotto.

Chapter 3 - Key Cavern

Kanalet Castle and Key Cavern.
Chapter 4 - Angler's Tunnel

Color Dungeon and Angler's Tunnel.

Chapter 5 - Catfish's Maw

Collecting more things and Catfish's Maw.
Chapter 6 - Face Shrine

Ending the Trading Sequence and the Face Shrine.

Chapter 7 - Eagle's Tower

Hiking through the mountains to Eagle's Tower.
Chapter 8 - Turtle Rock

Traveling in the mountains more and Turtle Rock.

Chapter 9 - The Awakening

The final showdown with the Nightmare.