There is something fundamentally special about forest themes in the Zelda series. Many of them deliver a light, cheerful atmosphere, all the while signaling an attitude of child-like discovery. One of my personal favorites happens to be the Kokiri Forest theme from Ocarina of Time; so imagine my delight to see that The Team Players recently released a great acoustic cover of the timeless tune.

Friends of Zelda Informer Dani and Mo, perhaps better known as The Team Players on YouTube, have been gracing our ear buds with fantastic Zelda covers for years; and their latest track is no exception. Translating the OoT classic into their trademark style, the Players once again deliver a sensory treat for the inner-fairy child in all of us. And with covers of “Saria’s Song” and “Gerudo Valley” also among the duo’s catalogue, it can’t be long before they add their magic to all of Ocarina’s of Time‘s soundtrack.

You can check out the rest of The Team Player’s music on their YouTube channel, with all their past Zelda covers even cut together into this single video. You can also send them some love on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

What are your thoughts on the latest cover? Are there any other Zelda songs you think they should tackle next? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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