We’ve seen dozens of reviews over the last few weeks, some coming from notable game magazines, others coming from big name websites, and some coming from peopled named Tom McShea. How about the Legend of Zelda community itself? We personally didn’t give out a review of the game because as hardcore Zelda fans, many of the staffers had such differing opinions over specific parts of the game that putting out a review under the Zelda Dungeon name seemed silly. I think the multiple impressions posts and videos, along with the bloggish atmosphere of most of our posts has done a better job than specifically labeling something a review. The scoring system would also be quite different as the audience that would read a Zelda Dungeon review is not the same audience that reads Game Informer, IGN, or USA Today.

Chances are if you are reading this post up until this point, you’ve already played Skyward Sword, are waiting to get your copy for Christmas, or almost certainly will play the game once you get a chance. That being said, our close friends at LegendZelda.net have posted their own Skyward Sword Review. Make the jump to see a small portion of their review.

Overall Skyward Sword is one of the year’s top games. If you are a true gamer than this is one that you should not miss. Skyward Sword justifies buying a Wii on its own and deserves a look for the Game of the Year. There are some flaws with the game, but on the whole Nintendo has created one of the decade’s finest games and has set the bar high for future additions to the series.

If they continue to adapt and add-on to the Zelda formula than the next game will be an even greater masterpiece. The bar has been set high and though Skyward Sword failed to deliver up to its full potential, there was still minimal problems with the game. For a Zelda game I give it a 9.5/10. For a game in general, an 8.5/10.

Noah breaks up the review into several segments, touching on the games graphics, story, characters, music, controls, and more. Be sure to head on over to LegendZelda.net to check out their full Skyward Sword Review. Please note, the review does contain significant spoilers, so you should take caution when reading the review.

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