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If you have ever been interested in building your own Link from a model kit or just want to build upon your Zelda collection, this is for you. Gamesniped has come across a few great collectibles. Two of which being a statue from E3 in 1997 as an Ocarina of Time promotion. They stand a little taller than the First 4 Figures and are up for sale on eBay.

Make the jump inside for more details and a closer look at all the Zelda goodies Gamersniped has found.

Today’s goodies include a small Zelda statue from E3 1997. Personally I think his face is a tad bit weird, but overall it’s a very nice piece for any Zelda collection. Currently there are two of them on ebay, both taking offers. I believe they stand a little taller then the First 4 Figure regular statues at about a foot.

Zelda E3 Statues

We also have an Ocarina of Time model kit from Heller. This one is open but unused. I think it would be great to keep a brand new one, and use this one and paint it up for display. I don’t believe many people have one actually set up as intended, so it would defiantly stand out!

Model Kit by Heller

Either of these would be a great collection piece to have for any fan. I agree that the face doesn’t seem quite right, but it still looks amazing. What are your thoughts on the pieces? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Gamesniped

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