The Legend of Zelda fans and gamers in general have always been very active and engaged in raising money for charitable organisations. Some platforms include live speedrunning, general livestreams and real life events, but livestreaming is the most popular and accessible to anyone. One organisation that’s very active in raising money for different charities through livestreams and donations is Fun for Freedom, which is currently hosting their latest event: Zeldathon Relief.

The charity in question is Direct Relief with a mission to improve the lives of those struggling with poverty or affected by emergency situations. Every penny the livestream raises will be donated directly to Direct Relief, and alongside the complete walkthroughs of basically every Zelda game they have reintroduced their Adventure System and Dynamic Scenes.

Our aim this marathon is to improve the very successful introductions to our marathons such as The Adventure System and Dynamic Scenes.

Using The Adventure System, games are unlocked during the marathon based on the amount of our donations. This marathon, we are retooling and rebalancing that idea by further spreading out the donation goals as well as spreading all of our bonus games throughout the marathon, rather than having them all at the end of the marathon.

Our Dynamic Scenes are all being redone to bring an even bigger focus on the gameplay than ever before. We have listened to your comments to make this marathon’s layout, inviting, entertaining, easy to watch and balanced between everyone’s aspects of Zeldathon.

Their current game is Link: The Faces of Evil, renowned for being one of the worst Zelda games but still very fun to watch, and their next goal is Phantom Hourglass, unlocked once they reach a donation mark of $21.000. Be sure to check them out and to donate if you care to help their cause!

If you’re not totally convinced, a trailer video can be found and viewed underneath the stream above!

Source: Zeldathon

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