Not too long ago, we reported on why Koji Kondo’s favorite series to work on is The Legend of Zelda. This time around, we get to find out more on yet another favorite of his. Thanks to a recent interview with Polygon, we got to find out why Koji Kondo’s favorite version of the Overworld Theme is the one used in Ocarina of Time. It seems like he worked on the song with the specific goal of keeping it from becoming too repetitive for the players. He broke the song into 8-bar sections that would not only work together, but also change when combined.

Here’s the full quote for anyone that might be interested:

“For Ocarina, we wanted something that didn’t play so often that players got tired of listening to it. So I broke it into 8-bar sections and there was some random phrasing that was implemented so that the melody would be changed up. Again, these are 8-bar sections that I created to all work together, but when combined, they change, and there’s some random stuff going on there. I really like the way that worked out.”

It’s really interesting to hear what Zelda‘s designers think of the series. What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Ocarina of Time‘s Overworld Theme is the best or is there another version you just can’t stop playing on repeat?

Source: Polygon

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