MajorasMaskMaskA Kickstarter campaign to create wearable life-sized replicas of Majora’s Mask has exceeded its goal of raising $1,700. In total, 19 backers have pledged $6,685 to the project so far, with 24 days left to go before the deadline. The creation of the masks is related to the “Happy Mask Campaign” being organised by Operation Moonfall.

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The posting on the popular crowd-funding website was made by Robert Rodgers, who said in his project statement that he will cast and sculpt the iconic masks out of polyurethane with fiberglass reinforcement. Rodgers admits the masks have visibility issues, but otherwise he said they should be comfortable when worn. Using the shape of the game’s N64 cover art as a reference, the masks’ dimensions are 17 inches (width) by 16 inches (height).



Rodger’s is only offering 15 fully painted masks to backers who pledged $380.00 or more. So far, all of them have been claimed. There are, however, still slots left open for people to support the project and receive unfinished casts.

Based off the screenshots alone, these mask replicas look pretty darn impressive. We can only hope wearing them will not lead to the apocalyptic side effects seen in the game.

Source: Kickstarter