For this week’s Monday Music Box I couldn’t think of anything better suited than the Hymns of Light and Shadows round up with the final two videos of the album. After all CsGuitar89 is my favorite on YouTube.

Well guys, it has been several months since the start of the Hymns of Light and Shadows video features and we have finally reached the end of our adventures with it. The two final videos from the album are “Dragon Roost Island” and a Majora’s Mask medley. I am a fan of “Dragon Roost Island,” but the last song of the album definitely takes the cake.

Maybe we will see something new in the future from CsGuitar89, but for now I thank him for all his effort that he has put into his Zelda album and allowing all of us to download it for free. Remember to check his YouTube for new updates and info on how to get the album for yourself. I hope you loved following along to the Hymns of Light and Shadows segments as I did covering them. Let us know your thoughts on the album below and show support for all the hard work put into the album and the videos.

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