During this morning’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, no ground-breaking Zelda news was revealed, as was expected. However, there was a small amount of Zelda content, as Link appeared fighting two Shadow Links in a game called Famicom Remix. (Yes, Shadow Link, from Zelda II, not Dark Link from Ocarina of Time.) This game appears to be the equivalent of what is called NES Remix here in the West.

Although there was no more major Zelda content in the Direct, it was pretty fun to watch other games being revealed, as well as a new 3DS bundle being shown off. You can read about the other announcements at fellow video game news website Gamnesia.

Are you disappointed that there was no real Zelda news during this Nintendo Direct? I was hoping for Nintendo to at least release a new screenshot, and give us some sort of minor news. When do you think Nintendo will reveal more details surrounding Zelda U? Feel free to leave your theories in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo Direct

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