Hey, everyone! I am so very proud to announce the kick off of Zelda Informer’s Dungeon Week, a seven-day celebration of the temples, sanctuaries, caves, and labyrinths of The Legend of Zelda. Starting tomorrow, we’ll be posting a kingdom’s worth of dungeon-themed articles and features. Dungeons have been a crucial part of the series since its inception, bringing unique environments, mind-bending puzzles, and memorable boss encounters to each and every game. And so we figured that we would bring our staff and community together this week to celebrate such an important element of the Zelda experience.

Way back in 2014, (before I had even joined the site), ZI ran its inaugural Dungeon Week, which gave the staff at the time a chance to share about their favorite Zelda dungeons. Over the past few months, I’ve been looking for better ways for you, the readers, to get to know the current staff and to share your love for the series in fresh, new ways. A theme week seemed like the right way to go. And with Dungeon Week being such a success in the past, we wanted to resurrect the concept with today’s team.

So what can you expect from Dungeon Week?

  • Daily editorials by members of our staff, each one focusing on the writer’s favorite Zelda dungeon. These editorials will not only highlight dungeons spanning across the entire series, but each piece offers a unique take on why the dungeon is important or noteworthy to the person writing. Expect personal anecdotes, thematic analyses, insightful theories, and game design examinations. This will be a great way to get to know the awesome members of the ZI team!
  • Dungeon-themed Daily Debates. Our Original Content team has been hard at work crafting intriguing dungeon-focused Daily Debate topics. Some debates will focus on specific dungeons, whereas others will tackle dungeons more generally. Whatever the case, be ready to voice your opinions on the divisive aspects of Zelda‘s many labyrinths.
  • The triumphant return of Zelda Informer Versus. The popular “Zelda Versus” feature went on hiatus last year, coincidentally in the middle of a Best Dungeon tournament. I couldn’t stand letting the fan voting powerhouse be away any longer, so we have resurrected the feature as “Zelda Informer Versus” and will restart the Best Dungeon tournament as well. As you read about our favorite dungeons, you’ll be able to vote on yours.
  • Dungeon-themed weekly features. Fans of our weekly features like the Caption Contest will be happy to know that dungeons will be the focus there as well.
  • Dungeon-themed social media posts. Check out our Twitter account right here for plenty of dungeon-themed fan art, fan posts, and memes.
  • Continued Zelda and Nintendo coverage. Just because we’re hosting a special theme week doesn’t mean we’ll stop bringing you all the latest Zelda news. Everything between the editorials and features will be business as usual.

Dungeon Week will run from 09/25 to 10/01. The Zelda Informer team has worked really hard to make Dungeon Week something special. I hope you all enjoy the festivities as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it all together. And who knows; you might just see more ZI theme weeks down the road.

Be sure to share about your favorite dungeon experiences in the comments all week long!

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