Warning: This post contains spoilers for Hyrule Warriors. These spoilers include details about the story.

We’ve been sitting on this information for a couple days because we’re trying to compile a more detailed post based on outside translations and our internal team, but I figured the least we could do is detail some new story details that we’ve known about but neglected to share up to this point. One of the more interesting points is described in the title, but there are many more details that will naturally be of interest to those who don’t mind spoiling the surprise.

This comes from the latest

Famitsu Scans:

  • Ganondorf is plotting to take over the world with the help of Ghirahim and Zant
  • But do Cia and Ganondorf join forces? (semi-literal Famitsu translation)
  • Heroes will separate their forces when approaching the worlds that Cia summoned
  • Sheik and Impa head for the world of Ocarina of Time
  • Lana goes into the world of Twilight Princess
  • Link enters the world of Skyward Sword
  • Players can choose freely in which order they want to proceed into these worlds

This information comes from translations completed by

Nintendo Everything. We’ll have a post later that is about details not related to the story, thus most would consider that to be “spoiler free” news. We’re still compiling what we find to compare and contrast to existing translations. What do you think about the given details above? Will be interesting to see if Cia and Ganondorf actually combine or each do their own thing.

Source: Gamnesia

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