With just over two weeks until the Japanese release, rumors are adding to the deluge of information we’ve been getting about the upcoming game. While we were safely assuming that Hyrule Warriors would carry the common $60 Wii U game price tag, some recent listings by European retailers suggest the game’s suggested retail price may be somewhat lower. While this is by no means an official confirmation on the price in Europe or otherwise, it seems like a fairly reputable piece of information, although the lack of the official box art is somewhat questionable. Hopefully tomorrow’s livestream clears this matter up entirely.

It wouldn’t be completely unusual for the price to be below the norm, as Nintendo went with a similar pricing method with

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, another game utilizing one of Nintendo’s key IPs. I’m sure it won’t hurt the attach rate of this title, although it has a long way to go before it catches up to the current attach rate champ for Wii U. Would a lower price make some Hyrule Warriors skeptics out there give this celebration title a whirl? Or is this game just not worth your rupees?

Source: GoNintendo

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