Mark your calendars, because we’ll be all sitting back and watching a special

Hyrule Warriors Direct in both Europe and the United States. It won’t be skipping Japan either, despite the large amount of Hyrule Warriors streaming they have been doing lately. The US Nintendo Direct will be on August 4th at 8pm PDT, 11pm EDT, and 10pm CDT. As for Europe…

It will take place at 8am CEST (7am in the UK). At this time, we are unsure of when the Japan stream will take place, though it is on the 5th as well. Not sure that matters, given all we need will be in these two streams above.

We will be hosting the live NA feed right here on ZI for your viewing pleasure, but we’ll be sure to share any new details that appear in the European Direct should there be information not present in the NA direct (which typically doesn’t happen).

Source: Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Europe’s Twitter

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