darunia_rss07_thumb3Looks like our week is starting out strong, as Tecmo Koei has released the official character trailer for Hyrule Warriors featuring Darunia! That’s right! Everyone’s favorite dancing Goron has rolled his way into the fray!

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The official weapon Darunia wields is called “Hammer,” but I think we can all recognize the Megaton Hammer when we see it. Darunia certainly seems capable of using it to its full potential, as he combines powerful hammer strikes with volcanic rocks and variations of the Gorons’ signature roll attacks. At one point, we even see him grow in size, with him crushing his enemies beneath him with the kind of fiery fury that would certainly make his Goron brethren proud. Darunia (unsurprisingly) seems most potent at close-range combat, but he is seen using a few ranged attacks, such as shockwaves, some of which seem to be imbued with fire.

Interestingly enough, we also watch Darunia square off with the Dodongo, and instead of tossing bombs in its mouth, he seems content with just wailing at the beast with his hammer. And of course, the trailer wouldn’t be complete without his patented dancing, which he happily displays before unleashing his devastating Musou.

How do you think Darunia looks? Are you looking forward to playing as him? Sheik’s trailer is the only one left out of the known newcomers; who will they reveal next?

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