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Koei Tecmo’s Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 for the Nintendo 3DS will feature Link and Zelda as costumes, both based on their respective Hyrule Warriors forms. The two will be ready to hack and slash their way through Japan’s Warring States period when the game drops in Japan on December 4th. A demo is also downloadable from the Japanese 3DS eShop starting today, November 6th. There is no word on whether the game will be released overseas, but it is not out of the question…

Koei Tecmo and Nintendo’s jointly created Zelda game, Hyrule Warriors, has seen a decent amount of success in its sales. In the company’s latest financial earnings Q&A, Koei Tecmo was pleased to announce that sales of the game were on track in Japan and above expectations overseas. They couldn’t say the exact number of copies sold, since Nintendo handled publishing in the West, but sales are looking good…

There have been many reports of bugs and issues with Hyrule Warriors, but Koei Tecmo has announced that they are working on an update that will ideally fix any and all problems users may be having. In addition, another interesting tidbit of news was shared via Twitter on what to expect from the update. Hit the jump to learn more!

We’ve recently learned about the Club Nintendo Promotion for Ganondorf’s costumes in Hyrule Warriors, but we haven’t really seen them in action. Luckily enough, Koei Tecmo released a trailer showcasing Ganondorf’s Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess skins. Hit the jump to view it!

Tecmo Koei is ending the week on a high note, as we have yet another Hyrule Warriors trailer to take a peek at before the weekend hits. This one focuses on Impa and a new weapon, the naginata! Hit the jump to see it in action!

The latest Hyrule Warriors trailer is as much a treat for the ears as it is the eyes, as Sheik displays deadly proficiency with knives and a harp! How does Tecmo Koei’s new trailer compare to the previous ones? Hit the jump to find out!

Looks like our week is starting out strong, as Tecmo Koei has released the official character trailer for Hyrule Warriors featuring Darunia! That’s right! Everyone’s favorite dancing Goron has rolled his way into the fray! Hit the jump to view the trailer!

Developing team Tecmo Koei recently confirmed that Hyrule Warriors is now 100% complete! According to the official Japanese Twitter, the anticipated title is set to be released in Japan on August 14th. Hit the jump to read more!

The Hyrule Warriors trailers just keep on coming! This morning, Tecmo Koei was kind enough to release a trailer dedicated to the Princess of the Zoras, Ruto! Although we saw her in action yesterday, this gameplay video is dedicated solely to her. Hit the jump to see her in action!

We’ve known about Link wielding the Ball and Chain, as well as the Power Gloves for a while now, but Tecmo Koei has at long last released the trailer showing just what kind of destruction Link will bestow onto his foes in Hyrule Warriors! How do his enemies fare? Hit the jump to find out!